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A Brief about the University

Shri Digvijay Singh the CM of MP scanning through the progress of the last 4 months of the establishment og RGPV. Also seen are Shri K.K.Gupta(Honourable Minister of Education), Prof P.B.Sharma, Prof Vijay Verghese(first Registrar of RGPV) on January 6, 2000

The need of the University of Technology in the State of Madhya Pradesh was long felt to provide a system of Technical Education and Research commensurate with the present and future needs of quality manpower and technology development, for the entire state of Madhya Pradesh, in particular and the country at large. It is with objective in view, that the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has established a University of Technology under the name Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya vide Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Act 1998 (No. 13 of 1998).

The jurisdiction of the university extends to the whole of the state of Madhya Pradesh. All colleges of Engineering / Technology as well as the Polytechnics currently affiliated to various Universities / Boards of Technical Education shall be affiliated to the newly setup Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (University of Technology) once a notification in this regard is issued by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Further, any new college / Institute / Polytechnic, which is to be setup in the field of Engineering and Technology, including Architecture and Pharmacy, shall be required to be affiliated with the aforesaid University.

The first vice-chancellor

Prof. P. B. Sharma, former Principal Delhi College of Engineering has taken over as the first vice-chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya on August 23, 1999. Prof. Sharma, who is highly educated, in India and abroad, is a man of eminence in the field of Technical Education having proven credentials of high quality teaching, Research and Development and Administration of Technical Education. Prof. Sharma holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Birmingham (U. K.) He has served the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for twelve years where he was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering prior to his appointment as the principal of the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering in December 1990 Here he provided dynamic leadership over the last nine years. He has successfully guided eight Ph.D. students, published a large number of research papers in International Journals of repute, contributed significantly to the policy Issues in the management and administration of higher Technical Education at National and International Levels. He has the distinction of being the Chief Consultant to the world famous Rolls Royce Consultancy Project at I.I.T. Delhi. Prof. Sharma brings with him a combine of a first rate academician having a strong interaction with the Industries and R & D Organizations. Prof. Sharma has recently been awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the World Academy of Productivity Sciences, a fellowship awarded to a selected few in the world for their distinguished contributions to Quality, Productivity education and research. The Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya is poised to achieve its goals and objectives under the able leadership of Prof. Sharma.

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Objectives of the University

  • It will be the earnest endeavor of the University to consolidate the present system of Technical Education, revitalize its Course Curriculum, develop an effective and efficient Examination System and to rejuvenate the faculty and students, by providing high levels of motivation to pursue Engineering Education and Research so that the produce of the University and the outturn of the Institutions in M.P. are equipped with the competence and calibre of world standards

  • The University shall target its efforts towards establishing a Total Quality Management System in engineering institutions as well as in the polytechnics, so as to make an effective contribution to the development of high quality human resource and relevant technologies to meet the current and future demands of the globally competitive modern economy

  • The University shall work in close cooperation with the Academic Institutions, Research and Development Organizations and the Industries. It will optimize resource utilization through Institutional Networking, will promote effective partnerships with the Industries and will venture into a consortium approach for specific Technology Mission Programmes. In this way, while excellence will be nurtured, focus on relevance will be fully retained in all the Academic and Research activities of the University and its affiliated institutions.

  • The University shall make concerted efforts to promote specific and highly Relevant Technology awareness, adaptation and development of programmes involving the Technical Institutions in Community Development through a system of well-designed Extension Services for improving the quality of life of the common man.

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Goals of the University

  • To provide a system of technical education in the state of M.P. to meet the demand of Quality technical education and research.

  • To promote Total Quality and cost-effective management of engineering and technology institutions

  • To create a system of management of Technical education based on the scientific tools of decision making and information systems

  • To establish effective linkages with the Industries and R&D organizations.

  • To promote a consortium approach towards building up synergetic partnership with various institutions, organizations and Government departments.

  • To provide an environment for effective interaction with the professional societies in India and abroad, so as to bridge the gap between engineering graduates and practicing engineers

  • To foster inter-disciplinary engineering as an approach and to promote growth and development of new & emerging areas of Engineering Sciences and Technology through teaching and research.

  • To promote enterpreneurship among engineering students so as to make technical education a valid means of job creation, rather than creating the job seekers

  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility and commitment to utilize the engineering knowledge and skills for the betterment of the society as a whole; and

  • To set up Centres of Advanced Technology in areas of high national relevance, with a view to foster innovation and creativity.

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Mission of the University

  • The Mission of the University is to consolidate, rejuvenate and revitalize the existing system of Technical Education and to create an environment supportive of Quality Education and Research in the Engineering Institutions of the State of Madhya Pradesh;

  • The University would carry out mission-oriented programmes for the promotion of new and emerging areas of Engineering and Technology relevant to the global requirements through teaching, research and development;

  • The University will promote networking between the institutions, The Industries and R&D organizations in India and abroad, so as to help develop technical institutions in the State as Center of Excellence;

  • The University will set up world class facilities using latest modes of information transfer using MIS;

  • The University will set up a Bureau for Curriculum Innovation and Examination Reforms commensurate with present and future requirements;

  • The University will engage in the Continuing Education so as to ensure skill and Knowledge upgradation and update of the engineering professionals;

  • The University management shall adopt a system a Total Quality Management to assure high quality of its produce and optimise its resource utilisation.

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Functioning of the University

The University shall initially function from the Faculty Block in the newly developed campus of Engineering College, Bhopal located near Airport Bypass Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal 462 036.

From the current academic session (1999-2000) all the Diploma Courses will be affiliated to this University. Degree and Post-graduate level courses of Technical Education will also be affiliated to the university from the next academic session. When this university starts awarding Degrees, no other University shall award Degrees in Technical Education (including Architecture and Pharmacy) expect for the Engineering and Technology subjects already being run by the Technical Department of a University. The University shall prepare a detailed action plan to this effect. A national level workshop was organized by the university to evolve the above Action Plan for its functioning along the appropriate lines. Eminent Academicians and leading Experts from the Industry, R & D organizations and professional societies were invited to participate in the deliberations.

The University is also setting up Expert Groups for Curriculum Development and Examination Reforms so that the updated curriculum and a reformed examination system become available form the next academic calendar.

An Advanced Information Technology Centre will also be set up in the University in order to develop Databases on Institutions, students, alumni, as well as to provide for Curriculum Innovation, Technology Search and Technology Transfer to the Industries. The above I.T. Centre will be networked not only with the Technical Institutions in Madhya Pradesh but it will also be linked with the Global Network.

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogoki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal is a unique University, which has, under its fold, all the Technical Institutions of the largest State of the Country. Fortunately, this University has been named after the former Prime Minister of the Country, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, who pioneered the vision of a developed India to be in the forefront in the twenty-first Century. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken the right initiative to name this University of Technology after such a luminary, who envisioned India to be a forerunner in the field of Engineering and Technology amongst the community of nations.

This University is firmly committed to achieve a position of pride in the field of technical Education and research, not only in the country but also in the world, in the coming years. Efficient management, effective services to the community, and focus on relevance will be the guiding principles of this university. The University shall create synergy by networking people and facilities; shall create trust and respect for the system; and shall excel through technology and leadership by motivation.

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